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Manage students, engage practice.

Collabra is a collaboration and practice engagement platform for K-16 music and performing arts education. Collabra's fully-hybrid video platform enables efficient split-screen scaling of lessons, adds accountability and affirmation to the process of practice, and empowers timed-assessments, blind auditions, and district-wide remote collaborations.

K12 Schools

Schools use Collabra to provide accountability and feedback, and to monitor student progress. Use Collabra to manage, engage, reinforce, and reward the process of practice.

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Colleges & Universities

Universities leverage Collabra to take their students to the next level with the ability to record sessions and monitor practices & assessments in real-time.

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Private Music Studios

Studios want to enhance the time between lessons. Practice makes or breaks a student’s on-going interest level. Collabra helps studio owners retain students longer.

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How Collabra Works

Track and Review Students’ Practices

All students are organized in classes that you create. Student practices (video and audio) appear in your dashboard in real-time, as soon as your students have completed their practices.

Picture of Reviewing Practices

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Luke Aylsworth
Dr. Stephen Mattingly
Assistant Professor of Guitar, University of Louisville

Collabra has eliminated the need for written practice logs. Viewing their weekly practice times is by far my most used feature, but I also use Collabra for creating Assessments as an alternative to students emailing me their recordings. My students feel accountable when they know I can listen in, and I can easily give specific feedback on their work.

Dan WhislerDirector of Orchestras, Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS)

Being able to see my student in the practice room is a huge advantage of Collabra. For every instrument there are posture issues, and with voice, your body is your instrument. I watch their practices and leave comments so they know they are being cared for outside of the lessons. I also like that I can pre-record small explanatory exercises for my students to review. They can hear me describe why I want them to do the exercise, and then I can have one of my graduate students demonstrate it, so they fully understand the exercise. I don’t think there’s anything that I don’t like about Collabra. Several of my students are becoming teachers soon and they are really excited about what they could do with Collabra and their future students.

Rob Holden D.M.A.Professor of Voice and Director of UCA Opera Theater, University of Central Arkansas

I use Collabra with my Piano Pedagogy class, and it provides a perfect way to record and review my students’ lessons. Collabra really solves a problem for me. In the past it was difficult to observe my pedagogy students in their practice lessons more than once or twice per semester, and now I can observe them on a weekly basis. The software feature that allows for time-stamped comments on what I observe is a unique and very valuable tool and makes Collabra stand out from other video methods I’ve used in the past.

Meme TunnellAssistant Professor of Music, Bellarmine University

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The Collabra platform works where you do. Practice using the Collabra app on your phone, or from your laptop using the Collabra website.

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Collabra is a practice management platform that helps you manage students and motivate practice. It is designed for school band directors, orchestra leaders, choir directors, private instructors, and the performing arts.

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