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Collabra makes learning to play music fun and social, creating a more engaged student and happier parents and instructors.

Collabra Students can
  • Record & archive lessons
  • Record & archive practice sessions
  • Receive practice habit correction from instructors
  • Quickly review labeled highlights of their lesson
  • Loop portions of the lesson
  • Control playback speed of musical passages, licks, solos, etc
  • Log practice hours online
  • Be held accountable for practice hours by parents and teachers
  • Keep lesson notes organized in one place online
  • Access lessons, notes, recordings, etc. from anywhere with Collabra's Mobile App
  • Gain motivation by listening back to progress over time
  • Learn to play music they love & strengthen ear training by playing / singing along with recorded lessons
  • Increase skill level faster by removing inefficiencies from practice
  • Ask questions with online comments; and
  • Create, Play, and Sing along with musical tracks that they and their Collabra connections record and post.

Collabra Teachers can
  • Record lessons and add amendments to those recordings
  • Label highlights & directions at specific time-points of recorded lessons
  • Review and course correct student practice techniques
  • Provide incentives for students based on practice hours logged
  • Share progress updates with parents
  • (Coming Soon) Video record lessons!

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